Four Years and Counting...

Last week Raphael and I celebrated our 4th year wedding anniversary. Not much hoopla this year as little Charlotte has taken over and not much sleep is being had in this household. If you have seen the film ‘Friends with Kids’, the scenes where both parents are screaming, sleep deprived and pretty mean is us (or rather me right now).

We have promised to treat ourselves later this year and steal some private time just for ourselves because we know one day, very soon, we will have a brave babysitter booked and we are going to spoil ourselves silly.

On August 30th, 2008 we tied the knot in Lacoste, the village we now call home. It is mad to think of the journey we have made since then, now with two really fab kids and living in Provence.

We held the religious ceremony in the Eglise Haute in Bonnieux, a gorgeous gothic church at the very top of Bonnieux, a luscious mistral wind blew that day, cooling us down amid the soaring Provencal heat and whipping my veil up and around us as we departed the church.

The Irish contingency tore up the dance floor. Much fun was had as you can see from the photos

Here I am, mid dance off with my sister!

Above you can see my husband Raphael getting on down (demonstrating a spectacular jumping-in-mid-air dance move) with his mother in law on the dance floor.


All photographs by Robert Hale