Charlotte aux framboises

Did you know there was a dessert called a Charlotte aux Framboises?  I only discovered the fact on day three after Charlotte's birth whilst surfing the channels in hospital. Note to self: if one finds oneself in a French hospital again, best not to pay for TV access as you will find yourself watching endless French cooking programmes, and this borders on masochism as they practically starve you post-operation (which is one of the reasons I believe French women never get fat). The French Muse

I LOVE the fact that she has a really delicious dessert in her name,  especially one using my favourite fruit as its key ingredient.... Raspberries and cream aside, I could just eat her up, her plump baby lips, delicious baby smell and rolls and rolls of baby fat.

She is such a sweet girl,  and at 7 weeks she has started to explore the world around her with big blue eyes and a wide adorable gummy smile