Blossoming landscape

Yesterday we took a little detour from our regular 'circuit' and despite finding ourselves more than a little lost and having to lug a baby buggy across an endless cherry tree field in full bloom - I loved every minute. It is impossible not to be in awe of the beauty in this land, just as I think I am getting to know the curve of the fields surrounding our village, you take a wrong turn and discover views and landscapes that take your breath away....

I could post a thousand pics of the beautiful cherry trees which are now starting to bloom,  I imagine it would be VERY boring for you readers especially as I simply  can't  capture the sense of new life, hope and promise of warm days they whisper to the passerby!I love these magical trees! When we arrived in Lacoste,  back in October, their leaves were turning the most gorgeous deep red and acres of our village were carpeted in sweeps of ruby and ochre tones.  I've missed their colour over winter but know that soon these white blossoms will be shed for sumptuous plump cherries heavy with sunshine.....roll on May.

Today we came across an enormous borie unlike everything I've seen before in the of course I braved the cobwebs and stuck my head inside