The Vernissage

The word for an exhibition opening in french is 'Vernissage' which translates directly as the 'varnishing', and this weekend we were delighted to attend the launch of James Caseberes exhibition in the Savannah College of Art and Designs Lacoste gallery, 'Galerie Pfriem' on  Rue Saint-Trophime. You should definitely try to catch this beautiful exhibition if you are in the region as it is showing until May 28th.

James Caseberes work is large scale photographs of carved plaster models of architectural interiors

This one was my favourite

That look spells 'hurry up and get yourself in here and stop embarrassing me by taking photos for your blog' ....all said with a very charming french accent of course

Glass of  rosé in one hand, delicious canapé in the other, plenty of good chat to be had and this breathtaking view of the plane and Bonnieux .... what more could one want?!

Louis experiences his first canapé feast, and after charmingly offering his new friend a taste he decided it was too good to share and demanded to have it back....