I have BIG news to share, tremendous but terrifyingly daunting news....we are moving - en famille - to the South of France.

It's been a journey in itself coming to this great big decision, it's very tough to leave behind a great career and colleagues who are like family.

I have a job that I genuinely love, that has allowed me to travel and meet and work with incredibly talented creative people. It was my first real job and over the years my colleagues have nurtured me, watched me fall in and out of love with some terribly unsuitable souls, and to their relief (I'm sure) eventually find the man I didn't know I'd been holding out for. They've lugged themselves over to Lacoste to be present at my wedding and one dear colleague trawled local joints looking for the elusive 'perfect' chicken burger  to quell my pregnancy cravings, a blink later and another colleague got us out of a tough spot by babysitting Louis when he had chicken pox....I will surely miss them!

However, no matter how wonderful a career might be, family comes first and a combination of factors have encouraged us that it is better for our family of three to make the move.

We'll be closer to an extended family and importantly Louis will be able to grow up close to his three little cousins.

I will get to spend more time with my wonderful (and v.patient husband) - I've been spreading myself very thinly recently and he's been getting the brunt of my exhaustion and frustration. I feel that I desperately need to put more energy into my marriage and look after myself and my husband more than I'm doing presently.

I truly feel that the sacrifice of leaving my career  is worth it if it means I can ensure my marriage is healthy and my family happy.

I can't talk about moving without saying that it's going to hurt like hell to not see my dad every Saturday and I know Lou is mad about him too but it'll just mean making sure we factor in regular trips home to Ireland to the grandpops and Abigail .

Anyhow - I'm sure now that our secret future plans are out I'll be able to share some of our excitement as we move house and settle into a sleepy (read population: 300) Luberon village.

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