Holidays ....a very distant, hazy memory!

Apologies for the total absence in posting - I thought I would be a virtuous blogger and post every other day - delicious little vignettes from the salty atlantic coast and then from the perfumed potent hills of Lacoste but alas I got too caught up up baby sick (Louis got an ear infection on day one) and then a few days later his two molars decided to cut (this kid of mine now has 10 teeth and is only 10 months!). I know it's a cliché but after the holiday I needed a holiday.

On a positive note - I did manage to sprout a few thousand freckles, play a mean game of tennis (after 10 years of not playing it felt amazing!), fish for shrimps in Royan and fall asleep every night serenaded by cicades...not too bad at all!

Anyway back to blogging!