Chez Mickey

So despite the woeful weather, we had a ball in Disneyland Paris! The children got to meet all the characters and dined with the Disney princesses in L'Auberge du Cendrillon... Here is Emilie with Minnie (so cute!)

They had these cute baby chairs in restaurants throughout the park which of course provided many photo ops....

and Uncle Raph just loved looking after his two nieces for a weekend, it gave us a real taste for what it might be like to have 3 kids...very scary!

I would like to say I chanced going on this ride but totally chickened out and was more than glad to have a sleeping boy to use as an excuse.

We went a bit mad in the stores buying Christmas presents for Louis and one of my prize finds was a 'real size' Buzz Lightyear....however stupid me didn't check and only realised when we were safely back in Provence (light years away from Paris and the Disney store) that the bloody Buzz speaks's so weird and is voiced by french actor Richard Darbois (most famous for being the french dub voice of Harrison Ford) instead of Buzz Lightyear we have a Buzz l'Éclair. .... and instead of "To Infinity and Beyond" he says "Vers l'infini et au-delà "'s freaking me out