They do things differently here in France

We giddily set off this morning to the Avignon IKEA to source key things for our new apartment, adventures on french motorways ensued and we managed to pull up in the IKEA car park, 2 hours later than planned and somewhat frazzled. I smugly directed our party of 3 upstairs given the floor plan was identical to that in Dublin and made some comment to my mum how all IKEAs are the same... but oh how wrong I was!

FACT! You can get your hands on a blooming lovely  50 cl Pichet of wine for  3.20 Euros, not to mention the food looks 200 times more vital and edible, there is a highly civilised cheese selection (which goes down nicely accompanied by aforementioned wine) PLUS check out the buns and macaroons. Even the french kids play in a more civilised manner in the kids area, that is until our french/Irish mongrel was let loose amongst them.