Christmas in Vienne 2010

Opening Papillotes with grand-mère....Lou opens them and his 'moon' eats them, a perfect partnership. Papillotes are a traditional Christmas-y chocolate which contain a little message within...

This was the first time Louis met his Great Oncle Serge who drove up to Vienne from Ardeche to spend Christmas with us. He instantly attached himself to Serge, I'm thinking it was the Pere Noel effect!

And in love with his oldest cousin, Emilie

It's mad to see how much he has changed in only a year - we took this photo last Christmas

What would Christmas be without fitting in the odd Skype call? Here Louis and I are talking to my dad and granddad (Louis's great granddad) at home in Dublin.

Lou got to sit in a big kids chair for the first time...he was very chuffed and very good until he realised he could stand up on it and reach items previously out of reach...coquin!

And on to the food.....

First up Home-made Boudin blanc (no idea if that is how it is spelt) but the main message is - these were amazing!!!! and to think I was a vegetarian for ten years...

This is what awaited us at lunch today....the feasting is not yet over!!

Much like my family back in Dublin we were greeted by 5cm of snow on Christmas day which meant everyone had to crash overnight in the family home, what with 9 adults and 4 grandchildren it made for a great fete!