I can't wait!!! Our two friends Caroline and Ciaran are arriving today from Dublin to celebrate the New Year and we have a whole 5 days with them! They'll be our first official guests in our new home of Lacoste so it is very exciting. We've stocked up on logs and have borrowed an electric blanket for their bed just so they don't flee to the nearest centrally heated chambre d'hote. Can't wait to cook, catch up, and share some good local vino with them Oh and the other AMAZING news is that we have internet finally in our house, it only took 49 days, 6 hours and 25 seconds not that I was counting...so it means I can be connected to all the friends and family who have been so woefully neglected the last two months since we disappeared into the wilderness of the Luberon and off the grid! I am officially crap at being disconnected from the web and don't think I'll be nominating myself to participate in Shipwrecked any time soon.