Creative bug - making in my pop up shop


Ever since I've taken the exhibition space I've been consumed with an incredible creative drive, my jewellery pliers are literally never out of my hand. I'm using beads I've had for 10 years but never knew what to do with and I just wanted to share some of my latest makes with you here.

The coolest thing happened today. A lovely New Yorker contacted me out of the blue to say she was holidaying in the region and wanted to pop by my exhibition. We had such a hoot, she got inspired to create a pair of earrings from the longest gold bullion tassles and I just laughed as she rummaged through my beads and antique buttons. The end product is completly mad, asymetrical (I adore asymetry in jewellery) and I can't wait to start putting them together tomorrow. I never ever imagined that this exhibition could bring so much joy, I spend my days sharing stories of antique silks, creativity and now collaborating, it doesn't get any better than this!

Shaping up...