Les Parisiennes


Earlier this week, I happened to swing some tickets to Pierre Cardins Festival de Lacoste (thank you maman!), I don't know how I've managed to not attend in the last 6 years of visiting and living in Lacoste but I was very very excited to finally get the chance to see what all the fuss was about. The hair was washed and blow dryed, a favourite frock given an iron, a slick of eyeliner applied and I was ready to hit the quarry in style. In recent years I have failed to leave the house without some dribble or if I'm lucky, petit filous, adorning my clothes, but on this night I looked very much un-maman-ruth-like... a feat in itself!

The musical didn't really agree with me but I had a serious amount of fun ogling the fashionable Parisian ladies (and men) who sat beautifully coiffed a few seats down from me.  I soaked in the ladies incredibly smooth legs and utterly fabulous shoes and I'm sure they scowled as I casually stuck my camera out into the aisle and snapped this photo...very uncool I know but I couldn't help myself!


Update!!! Mimi informed me that the orange shoes are Hermes and another watchful lady told me that you can get those fab khaki shoes in the great shoe shop in Apt ... have yet to get the address but will add her when I do!