Edith Mezard

In a bid for freedom, I went for a wander in the nearby village of Lumieres where I happened upon the beautiful shop of Edith Mezard, it was incredibly dressed and took my breath away so wanted to share a few photographs which don't by any means to it justice.

Within the actual stable part of the shop (if you look really closely you can see the ancien troughs against the wall) she has arranged three beautiful tables with assorted gifts for Christmas.  I fell in love with the crochets vases and candle holders.

Her shop is based within the stables of this beautiful castle, Chateau de l'Ange, and they have arranged beautiful topiary motifs with the word 'Ange' or Angel within the courtyard. Château de l'Ange

I loved these little pots - would love to cheekily copy this idea for home

You can visit her website here