Falling leaves, Winter in Provence


The temperatures have dropped drastically, the fire is lit and runny noses & sore throats have taken over our house. Leaves are falling and soon the landscape will be a lot barer and most likely covered in a layer of snow, but for now the autumnal colours are incredible. I want to swim in the sumptuous layers of red that adorn the ground in the cherry orchards in the valley,  but dipping my wellington boots will have to do for now. So one day, I wrapped my little girl up and charged my camera battery (I've lost track of how many times I've left the house with a dead camera battery) and out we went to explore the tracks between the vines, the cherry orchards, the overgrown little shortcuts under ancient oak trees, trying not to fall into Georges river and get caught up in a wild boar stampede.


This beautiful music is lulling my sleep deprived days – enjoy Idiot Wind