Treasure, antique french passementerie


Is there something that makes your pulse race?

A sight that renders you breathless and tears prick your eyes?

For me, the moment when my husbands family opened their silk archives to me to explore was that moment. I felt completely overwhelmed, almost panicked, I didnt know how to take all of it in.

Miniature works of art, secreted away for a rainy day, gold passementerie trim samples meant for the melting pot should needs arise for financial assistance.

Of course the magpie in me adores the many different hues of gold, aged over many many years but above all I really am a sucker for the delicate hand written script recording the type, weight and colour. It is the handwriting of my husbands grandfather. He passed away last Winter, but I read his notes and imagine him sitting at his imposing desk in St. Etienne, delicately documenting his passion for passementerie and saving each little scrap of ribbon.