So another thing I had no idea they did differently in France... we took Louis to our very charming Doctor, the french equivalent of Dr. McDreamy, for his MMR vaccination and HiB booster and in the process learned two new things about the differences between Ireland and France. i)  The Irish schedule for immunisations is much much more thorough than in France which means Louis is well ahead of his french peers in terms of completion of his vaccination program - mad eh! We got a gold star from our Medicin for that.

ii) In order to get your vaccination you have to make an appointment with the doctor who writes a prescription for whatever particular vaccine you need to get and then you have to go to the pharmacy and buy the vaccine from the pharmacy before bringing it back to the doctor to administer....huh? The vaccine product cost 84 euro and then we paid 40 euro to the doctor....Bam 124 euro and a few tears later and we're all good. If you're living in France it pays to get your carte vitale (our paperwork is in the post as we speak) as you get approx 70% of your costs paid which does add up!