It’s been too long

Image from Sweet Paul Summer Magazine

I am shocked and a little embarrassed that I haven’t written since March, I knew it was a few weeks but a few months…..

My dad called the other day and asked me why I hadn’t blogged, and I had no idea he even read my blog, but he told me he missed seeing photographs of our life here and I couldn’t explain why I hadn’t written other than that I hadn’t been feeling very inspired the last few weeks (what an understatement….)

I am days away from having our little girl and the last trimester has been a bit tough, I haven’t been able to take my big rambling walks as the notion of carrying Louis uphill at the tough parts is unfathomable.  Before, we would go out for 2 hours, exploring, camera in one hand, Louis in the other, fresh air, exercise and inspiration. But since I hit the third trimester, I’ve felt so cumbersome, uncomfortable and constantly exhausted. Now, at 39 weeks, it is a bit of a struggle to lug myself up the windy cobbled streets of Lacoste and I know I have missed capturing a thousand beautiful images of Spring unfolding and summer rolling in over the valley.

I’ve been using my free time at home to nest, to complete the trillion forms necessary ahead of d-day (oh how I love French bureaucracy) and to work ahead on new jewellery as I can’t imagine glue guns, resin and tiny crystals mix well with a newborn :-)

I just wanted to write and explain that I haven’t abandoned blogging for ever but that I just had to take a little break and that I am genuinely going to put the effort back into writing and sharing here.

Keep your fingers crossed for me and our little one as I am so so excited to finally meet her and it’s not long now