La Vie en Rose, summer in Provence


You may find it hard to believe but it has only just stopped raining ... after a full month of cold, wet and windy weather it looks like summer might finally be here. It has meant many many days stuck inside with the heating cranked up high (unheard of in May), watching pools of water forming in the garden.

However now that the sun is out, I've been able to get out walking again and literally I am stunned at how beautiful the landscape is after all the rain. Wild flowers are EVERYWHERE, growing out of ancient village walls, obscuring our normally well-troden paths...I hope I'm not going to bore you with floral portraits but my usual one hour walk has doubled as I have to stop every 10m just to take more photographs, it is really really beautiful.


Here is a sneak peak of my new collection which launched on etsy this week. Beautiful turn of the 20th century silks embedded in acrylic, each one unique.