Inside the Rubanesque atelier, studio tour


I've rearranged a few things in my atelier, and have created a few installations so that I can more easily see the antique silks and ribbons... all with the idea to inspire me for future collections. I know there are a lot of new items some from the family archives and some items that I've picked up in local brocantes but I thought I'd share some photographs for those ferverous antique textile fans out there.

As always, Raphaels grandfathers handwriting can be seen marking the echantillons, noting the size, material (d'or fine or d'or faux etc) and price per metre.

I picked up a bunch of large antique silk spools, most nicked and pretty beaten up but I'm using them to hang ribbon from.

I love these antique gold bullion appliques, and just behind the stars you can get a peak of an embroidered silkĀ  applique from the 1910s with a beautiful embroidered picture surrounded by metal edging and gold rosettes.