Living the dream

I came across this video today and aside from loving the colours, I had been in the process of writing  (or rather trying to write and procrastinating over how best to express myself) about when you realise you are living your dream, so I thought perfect fit!....Enjoy!

Wake up, Never

Wake Up, Never. from Making Magique on Vimeo.

I had the strangest feeling of deja vu last weekend. My sister and her boyfriend had come to visit for a few days and after a day spent lazing by the pool, we descended 'en masse' to our friend Nicolas's restaurant, Le Terrail in Bonnieux. We sat under the shade of a platane tree, multi coloured string lights twinkled above, a picture perfect view of the sun setting over Lacoste in the distance, everyone (bar Louis of course) happily tipsy on the local rosé ....and I remember feeling, what a great holiday this is!  And it took about 10 seconds for me to realise that this isn't just a holiday, where I dread counting down the days to the awful, sad, Ryanair flight home. I felt giddy and light headed (aided and abetted by wine no doubt) at the realisation that - we get to stay here, raise our child here, go for day trips to ancient roman monuments, or say have a three course meal for 13 euro (beat that Dublin!), we even look forward to a spot of rain as it's just what our  'potager' (yes us city folk have a vegetable patch) need....It's a massive change from our lives in Dublin and while there are a few key things we do miss, me (family, colleagues), raphael (friends of course and Bernard and Kieth of i105107)....this is it for us now, we are laying down some roots finally and it feels good!

With the weather turning warmer every day, we have been able to sit outside on our terrace after dinner and just listen to the smells and sounds of Provencal life around us, the cicadas of course, but we also have a cuckoo who pays us regular visits, a very vivacious cockerel who lives next door and most recently we discovered we have a lone male Nightingale who so desperately but beautifully serenades hoping to find a mate.  Sitting outside, as dusk settles in, listening out for these sounds, I just can't imagine living anywhere else.