The last few days....

Have seen Louis experience his first Easter egg (or rather Easter bunny in this case) hunt....I love that this pic captures the look on his face just as he finds the first golden Lindt bunny

We were invited to our landlords house, where his mother, the vivacious Incarnation, was visiting from Barcelona and she cooked her famous Paella. Incarnation used to cook for the Bernard Phfriem art school when it opened in Lacoste in the 70s and is very well-known for her Paellas, her record was to cook for 96 students and art teachers...Her eyesight is failing her a little now so she depended on her daughter Marie  ( another wonderful cook) to help guide her. We felt privileged and very lucky to spend today amongst the Salva family, which brought together a bunch of European misfits all of whom have escaped their native countries for the wilds of Lacoste.

Have you ever happened upon a field laden full of poppies? It's magical! I've been roaming the plain between Lacoste and Bonnieux these last few days, camera at the ready, hoping to come across a field of poppies but the most I've found is a cluster on the village walls of Lacoste. So typically, this morning, we were rushing to fit in a grocery shop in Apt and had just left Lacoste when we turned a corner and there it was, a huge field full of these sumptuous beauties. Raph vicariously threw the car onto the side of the road and jumped out to take a snap on his phone....and I'm so glad he did!

Our almond tree has lost its blossoms and is now preparing its succulent fruit

Sun sets over Lacoste, this was taken during dinner in Bonnieux

My sister and her boyfriend came over to Provence for a few days and my sides are sore from laughing and from being dragged up and down the mountains....this pair are super fit!

Tired but happy after a 5 hour trek up the Cedar forest!