Louis's bedroom

So this morning I woke up with a determination to spring clean not seen for quite some time, the dust balls had to be blitzed and the croissant crumbs gathering under and around Louis's high chair banished.....oh it felt good!  Very very pleased with myself I felt I could take some pics of Louis's bedroom and share with you all, now that it no longer resembled a total pigsty. To illustrate how bad it was, last weekend I heard one of our guests remark "Oh Louis even has his own playroom" - they hadn't clocked the bed obviously as it was buried under the debris. Anyway on with the tour....First up we have the first piece of furniture we acquired for Louis bedroom before he was born. One of Raphaels colleagues was relocating to Australia and was getting rid of an Ikea kids chest of drawers. Originally pink with a red border, we customised it by adding more neutral-coloured wallpaper (from Mamas and Papas) to the front of the drawers. I picked the three art prints up in Little Paper Planes and framed them with nice cheap frames from Marks and Spencers. The Cloud lamp was a more recent purchase in Ikea and is 100% kid friendly - very important.

This is Louis's reading/art nook - neither of which he does yet but oh a mum can aspire to future days spent painting and drawing with her son....dillusional or what! The cowboy print waxed fabric was bought in the sale from Cath Kidston and we used this loads when Louis was much younger as a floor covering over a good rug for him to roll around on and spill food on.  The art print on the wall is very precious and was given to me by Pixar following the TOY STORY 3 publicity tour to Ireland.

His lovely crib from Mamas and Papas - another sale buy. I hung this Indian tapestry above - it's very possibly not child-friendly but looks pretty and adds loads of colour to the room. I bought it 12 years ago in Camden market in London but had never really had a place for it in my previous homes so it's great to see it hanging on the wall finally.

Of course - what they never show you on the interior design sites that I get lost in are the REAL pictures....you know the ones where a child actually lives in the bedroom, where  the stylist has taken the day off....less than 6 hours after the Big Clean this is what the room will always look like....goodbye serene reading nook, farewell carefully colour coded toys.