Spring cleaning

It would appear this Luberon air is highly addictive and Louis and I had to have our fix of it today, so despite leaving the house a little later than usual we managed to do a circuit around Lacoste and get home just before the sun set. On our route through the valley between Lacoste and Bonnieux we passed many hard-working farmers, prepping their lands and trees for the bounties to come in Spring. Vines need to be trimmed back and dead branches cut from the cherry trees, it's a huge amount of back-breaking work and the farmers often work alone. Then again with views like this - I can think of tougher jobs!

I stopped by the side of the road to snap a photograph of dormant cherry trees and when I turned around Louis was just beaming back at me....either he thinks I've gone mad taking photographs of a dusty field or he is just enjoying the fresh air!