Pavement art festival in Lacoste

A few weeks ago, Lacoste hosted the 4th Festival of “Craie Sur Trottoir”, and everyone in the Ribeaucourt household was very very excited, usually I'm (hopelessly) trying to prevent Louis from drawing outside his square of paper....but here we are being given the chance to liven up the streets of lacoste....of course we took the process terribly seriously, especially our wonderful au pair, Montse, who hails from Mexico city. She worked on at least a dozen drafts before she was happy with her design for the big day and it was all worth it as she ended up winning best design for her category! Felicidades!!

Here she is with her winning design!

The Rue Basse gets the Van-Goghy treatment!!

Here are some incredible designs from the 13-18 year old category