Sewn with Love

 The summer his first child, a daughter was born, a father sewed a corner of his garden with wild flowers seeds, they blossomed just in time for her first birthday.

Wild flower garden, The French Muse

If you were to walk through a typical Lacoste garden you would see plenty of  hardy herbs such as wild thyme and rosemary, succulents and immortelles, laurels and lavender .... and an awful lot of very dry grass. Our region doesn't get much rain after April and as a result only the strongest survive.

So to see a patch of gorgeous wild flowers thrive in a parched corner of Provence is very much a testament to the love and attention that this father bestows on these flowers so that his daughter can have a colourful garden.

.Wild flower garden, The French Muse

Now in their second year, these beautiful flowers are such a wonderful reflection of his daughter,

a little wild, spirited and free, and full of unusual beauty.