This Life, Rubanesque in The Gloss magazine


Amidst fundraising and raising kids, our family survived a photo shoot for The Gloss, my favourite Irish glossy magazine. It came out in Ireland last Thursday.

When I'm immersed in our day to day routine  it is so easy to forget that we are living what many see as a dream life. I remember coming to Lacoste on holidays and the sadness we would feel on the flight home to Ireland, promising that one day we would get the nerve to up sticks and move permanently. It is nearly three years since we finally took the plunge with a dream of raising a family in the country, to slow down a little from the frantic pace of city life . Despite the occasional homesickness for Ireland, for the good humour and friends and family we left behind, it is a gift to see our children thriving and to have the luxury of time to watch them grow up.

So just for the fun of it I wanted to share some images from the shoot .... never again will my house look as tidy or our kids as angelic... A huge thanks to Emily Detrick who assisted the photographer, Gordon Goodwin and who also took a lot of the interiors shots of our house...

Our painting by painter Emma Balder hangs in over the bed.

This is our living room, where our oversized oil on canvas by Kimberely Bates hangs.

My antique desk, another brocante bargain find...this is where I do most of my work, one eye on Charlotte and the other on my jewellery making. I loved these Coralie Bickford-Smith designed F. Scott Fiztgerald series, they really inspire a lot of my creations.

I'm working on new earrings made from gold and silver antique bullion....not sure if I'll ever sell these as I love them too much.

 I washi-taped this brocante find bedside table to liven it up for Louis's bedroom.

Once you start colour coding your books there is no return ... it becomes obsessive believe me!

This is a family house after all...