Lacoste Sidewalk arts festival 2013


I love this annual event, the sun always shines, the village comes alive and everyone is smiling and filthy, covered from head to toe in chalk. This year the event was moved from a July date to May 11th and we were invited to host a stand to raise funds for our art & music workshop initiative that we've been working towards since last October.  So I got my bake on and whipped up a red velvet cake, a rainbow cake and some 90 chewy chocolate chip cookies. We sold out all our cakes and made a nice amount for the school kids and one of our friends, Fleur even won a prize for her chalk painting..everyone went home happy.

Louis gets into the spirit of the day and decides to face paint on the back of one of the SCAD students.

A group of SCAD students spent the afternoon before the event helping to decorate our cakes ... and as expected they did an incredible job! MERCI encore!