Vacances - summer holidays in the French countryside



Louis's school is over for the summer and we saw a precious few days open up before summer camp starts to take the kids up North to the wilds of the Ardeche to visit Raphaels grandmother. My husbands family built a village in the middle of nowhere, in the region of the parc naturel régional du Pilat, and he spent his summers growing up here surrounded by cousins and wide open space. Beautiful green lush fields, grand old brick farmhouses and sheafs of wheat blowing in the wind.



An incredible sunset sets the old houses alight

After a stormy afternoon, we let the fire and just cosied up en famille


The bi-annual haircut from Moune


Raphaels grandfather Georgy, brought a family of snails or more specifically the Escargots de Bourgogne, as not all species of land snail are equally edible, and the ones from Burgundy are particularly tasty.... many years later and these snails are a law on to themselves!