Walk to work, hidden roman roads & cobbled stones of Lacoste, Provence


Since opening my exhibition in Lacoste, I walk to work for the typically Provencal 10am opening (only the paysans rise with the dawn to start work). The sun is just starting to heat up so it's not unbearably hot and the morning light is soft and magical. My route starts on this ancient Roman road which cuts from my house to the village.

As I practically skip to work (so happy I am) I pass gorgeous  cedar trees and dream up of what I'll be creating that day, combining antique art nouveau belt buckles and with handmade rosary chains and antique 'nacre' buttons. I can't remember the last time I've felt such a surge of fresh creative energy. My cousin Olivia has joined our family for the month of July and she is an incredible gift, allowing me to take some time away from the kids to focus on making all in the knowledge that there is someone who adores my kids in my absence.

Bonnieux winks through a degradé haze from across the valley.

The belltower hasn't sounded yet which means I can take my time descending though the village before opening without breaking my neck on the slippery cobble stones.

It is a Sunday morning so not a single soul is awake, just me and these ancient cobblestones.

 I AM BLESSED, I keep thinking, I am blessed, so so blessed to live in such a beautiful place, and to have this lucky chance to share my work.