Vernissage time, Lacoste in colour


In the throes of my desktop spring cleaning, I came across these photographs which I took at the summer 2012 SCAD vernissage. I loved seeing Lacoste all dickied up  thanks to the wonderfully creative group of Fibres students who really excelled both in their collaborative installation in the village and in their individual work (I fell in love with 6 pieces from this collection). More than a mile of hand-spun and hand-dyed (at least 3 kilos of ground madder roots where used to create this sumptious colour) yarn was woven around the old Boulangerie which anchors the Rue du Four.

It was spectacular and I only wished it could remain year round! I've added some more photographs and if I say possessed magical powers, I would create a special icon whereby you click and you can instantly feel the excitement and energy that is in the air come vernissage time...alas you'll just have to come visit for yourself.

Thanks to the Savannah College of Art & Design, the village comes to life and paintings adorn walls within studio spaces as well as external street walls. Installations open up secret gardens that are normally closed to those outside of SCAD ... it nourishes my soul to walk among such creativity and to meet and talk to students who have shared this village and been inspired and bewitched by their surroundings.