Vernissage, opening launch of my Rubanesque pop up shop


Since opening on Friday, I've met the best people, some have seen the poster and come in with a purpose, but many stumble in by accident and leave 30 minutes later having shared stories of antique textiles, boxs of forgotten family treasures and the importance of creativity for the soul. They have nurtured me with their kind words and given me incredible energy to experiment.

This is one of Papy Georgys favourite silk paintings made in St. Etienne which would have hung above his desk in his study . When he passed away, Raphaels Grandmother asked all of the family to choose one. As the only reason I have any of these incredible ribbons is because Georgy stored them lovingly away, I felt it fitting to have him watch over my work.

I have started making button rings from antique French buttons I've picked up at brocantes, people are loving them which has reassured me once again that my taste isn't too weird after all :-)

Some of my pendants, with lots of new ones, hang over an antique box from St. Etienne

This is a new piece I've made since I took over the space, an antique Art Nouveau 'boucle de ceinture' which I've combined with one of our familys gold bullion tassles. A really good friend wants to buy it but I'm not quite ready to part with it all creators have this problem? I feel like I need to live with it a bit longer before I can let go of it.

A few of the gold bullion tassle earrings I've been working on.

Lots of new cuffs using incredibly heavily embroidered ribbon.